11 Track CD album of Hollywood Killers' classics! Including Butterfly, Teenage Dream, Hanaker Row and Speedo 

Jim Penfold & The Hollywood Killers: Timebomb

Also available at  www.amazon.co.uk 

Hole In My Room

Jim Penfold & The Hollywood Killers: Hole In My Room

Also available at www.amazon.co.uk

Million Miles

Hollywood Killers: Million Miles

Also available at www.amazon.co.uk


All songs above are available to download at cdbaby...itunes...napster....spotify....amiestreet etc etc etc

but we'd prefer you to buy the CD!!!!!!!



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Goodbye Suicide/Tramp USA Reissue

Almost Ready Records in USA are reissuing the 1978 single 'Goodbye Suicide/Tramp' on 7" vinyl this summer......more info to follow......