It all began in a galaxy far, far the south of England.


Jim Penfold forms first band "The Matinee Idols" in Hastings with school friends Neil 'Chilli Willi' Aplin (Lead Guitar)  and Duncan Reid (Bass/Vocals). 

Jim releases debut single "Hot Hazy Days/Unknown Person" on Rollerball Records as "Jim Penfold & The Hollywood Killers".

Duncan Reid leaves to join The Boys in London and Jim forms new HK line-up of Dick Rowley (Guitar), Duncan Dray (Drums), Ashley Pepper (Keyboards), Terry Pack (Bass), Jim Penfold (Vocals/Guitar).

The Hollywood Killers build up a large following in and around Hastings and received rave reviews in Hastings Observer (anyone still got a copy?)

Various gigs were promoted by then schoolboy, Simon Fuller, who went on to manage The Spice Girls and S-Club 7.

Current lineup Pete Poodle (Bass), Neil Aplin (Lead Guitar), Bernie Smirnoff (Drums), Alexander Moylegrove Third (Saxophone), Jim Penfold (Vocals/Guitar).


Debut London gig, supporting the world famous "The Pirates" at The Mean Machine in Camden. Great success!
Recorded and released a new single "Goodbye Suicide/Tramp" on Rollerball Records. John Peel Show on Radio 1 played it a few times!

Muff Winwood (Steve's brother), the leading A&R man, put the band into Island Studios in Notting Hill to demo some songs over a long summer weekend. Dire Straits were recording their debut album at the same time at Island Studios.

No deal materialised but the band started to build a major following in the London scene, playing extensively at Dingwalls in Camden Lock, Rock Garden, Nashville etc etc.

NME review.


Jim signed 3 songs to Paper Music (managed by Billy Lawrie - Lulu's brother and Lawrence Ronson (Gerald's brother).

Recording session at Matrix Studios in Bloomsbury with Neil Aplin (Guitar), Lem Lubin (Bass), Bob Henrit ex-Argent (Drums). Songs were "Bad Water", "Chasing The Crazies", & "Raspberry Reich".

Charlie Tumahai of Be-Bop Deluxe joins the band for a few months.

4 Demos :  "Strange Lights"," Brown Eyes" & "Cute Little Girl"
The Boys ( ) backed Jim in the studios to record 4 more of his new songs including "Waiting For The Lady" which was later to appear on "To Hell With The Boys" (see The Boys site) having been re-recorded by them.

The HKs record "Butterfly" & "Speedo" at Gooseberry Studios in ChinaTown Soho with Jack Black of The Boys (Drums), Ricci Goldstein of Sham 69 (Drums/Percussion). This version of Butterfly was later released on the

B-side of Jim's single with EMI Records in 1980.


Current line-up burned out and Jim moved to London.

Jim was signed by Mike Hurst (Producer of Cat Stevens & Showaddywaddy) and recorded and released a solo single on EMI Records, "Killer on The Dance Floor/Butterfly" under the name of The Speedos.

Jim signs "Speedo" and "Money Maketh Man" to Carlin Music Publishing and records both songs with Mike Hurst as Producer. The single was never released.

Jim forms new band "The Speedos" with Neil Aplin (Guitar), Duncan 'Kid' Reid (Bass/Vocals), Lino Robinson (Keyboards),  Paul Tully (Drums), Jim Penfold (Vocals/Guitar).

Jim releases Christmas single "Silent Dream/Goodbye" on Pen Melodies Records.


The Hollywood Killers gig furiously in London and gain a substantial cult following.


The Speedos revert to The Hollywood Killers and their popularity goes crazy! Clubs played included Dingwalls, The Embassy, Hammersmith Palais, Marquee, Rock Garden, Legends, as well as a few society gigs such as The Berkeley Square Ball (in front of the late Princess Margaret) and one at The Savoy.

Pursued by major record companies and demoed for EMI Records/CBS/Magnet Records but eventually sign with Creole Records.

Creole put the band in Chipping Norton Studios with Producer Mike Vernon (Fleetwood Mac/David Bowie). Record the single "Butterfly", "Hanaker Row", "Colourful Rain", "No Joke" (Duncan Reid on Vocals), and "Killer Wail".

The single "Butterfly/Killer Wail" released in November 1982.

Radio 1 In Concert on 19th November 1982 and recorded a session for Andy Peebles Show also on Radio 1.

Record failed to chart and the Creole contract was terminated.


Jim signs worldwide publishing deal with Dick James Music.

Various recording sessions with DJM.

Many more gigs.


Tony Visconti (Producer - Marc Bolan & T Rex,David Bowie) puts Jim in the studios to record "Teenage Dream" and "Paradise" as a single. Never released.

Jim leaves DJM after several personnel changes.

Duncan leaves the band and eventually the Hollywood Killers split up.

Jim approached by Director Philip Knatchbull to act in a short film entitled "Teenage Dream". Jim plays a con-man at the fairground. Jason Connery plays Jim's brother, Jack Dee as his assistant and Katrine Boorman as the love interest.


Jim forms The Company of Wolves.

Record "Dream On/Words & Tears" and released as a 12" solo single later in the year by Water Records which also included "Satellites" & "Miss Pearly Divine".

Jim disbands the Wolves in July.

Jim and the 1982 Hollywood Killers line-up play a one-off comeback gig at Crazy Larry's in Kings Road, Chelsea. Over 800 people cram into the nightclub.


Jim forms The Killers with Rene Berg, ex-Hanoi Rocks (Guitar), Phil Brown ex-The Records (Bass), Mark Greenwood, (Drums), Dave Armstrong (Keyboards).

Gig extensively around UK.

Record 3 new songs at Berwick Street Studios. Unreleased.

The Killers record "Night Owl" for London Weekend Television.

Melody Maker Review.

Jim shoots the video for "Hole In My Room" in December 1986 which the band recorded.


The Killers disband.

Big Time Records in Los Angeles, USA, offer Jim a solo record deal. Jim records "Hole In My Room", "Velvet Cushion", "Hand On My Heart" with John Brand (Aztec Camera/The Waterboys).


Big Time Records collapses weeks before the release of "Hole In My Room" single.

Jim offered a publishing deal with Peer Southern Music.

Jim stars in pilot for film in Los Angeles called "No-one Slow Dances Anymore" and writes the theme song "I Do".

John Brand produces "Baby" and "I Can't Breathe".

Jim Penfold & The Ghosts play 100 Club, Oxford Street, London in December.


Jim reforms Jim Penfold & The Hollywood Killers with line-up including Rob Manzoli (later in Right Said Fred) ,(Lead Guitar),  Poppy Gonzales (Keyboards),  Mark Greenwood (Drums),  Martin Petersen (Bass).

Gigs follow.

Jim releases the Big Time recording of "Hole In My Room" on Crazy Horse Records. Gets extensive airplay in UK and Europe, especially with Johnny Walker on GLR and Steve Wright on Radio 1.


The Hollywood Killers gig continually and disband at the end of the year.

Jim gigs around solo and forms The Ghosts (Levi ex-Aswad on percussion) and The Grand Dukes consisting of Paul Baverstock (Guitar),  Phil Brown (Bass),  Will Parnell (Drums).


Jim plays the thespian in Rumpole of The Bailey on London Weekend Television.

Walk-on parts during this period included Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Mountains of The Moon, Gulag, Superman IV, Inspector Morse, Paradise Postponed and Emma, a film in which he plays a head gypsy and has to attack Gwyneth Paltrow in the woods. Its tough at the top!


Meridian TV start showing "Hole In My Room" video.

Various London gigs.


Jim regroups with Neil Aplin,  Paul Tully and Phil Brown.

Record a new version of "Elizabethan Man" (Produced by Jon Sweet & Pete Schwier) and Jim is immortalised as a bronze statue, by Mark Coreth, outside The Globe Theatre on the River Thames, next to the Millenium Bridge.


Jim writes and records "Cash In Hand" as the theme for a movie of the same name,  starring Richard E Grant and Charley Boorman. Also featuring on soundtrack are Hole In My Room, Money Maketh Man and Satellites.


CD compilation released.


Commenced Groovy Music with Jon Sweet as Producer.

”Million Miles” released in December.

Jim forms 4 piece with old stalwart Paul Tully (Drums), Willy South (Keyboards), Martin Giles (Bass) and play their inaugural gig at the Rhino Challenge 2004 in Kent, UK.


Battersea Arts Centre, London Christmas Concert, including two original members of the band, Neil Aplin and Paul Tully.


Released 12 track album Timebomb on Soluble Discs.  Re-recordings of some of the classic Hollywood Killer tracks from the eighties, as well as new Jim Penfold compositions.


Jim Penfold wrote and performed the title track for Charley Boorman's seven part Television series 'Race to Dakar'.

Headlined the Dare 2 Festival in Wiltshire, UK, amongst other live gigs.


Released remastered six track album 'Hole in My Room'. Jim Penfold starts performing as a one man beat group, Psycho Dhalia.


Jim Penfold is composing and recording new material for future release and has been spotted at various Open Mic evenings in the West Country!


Jim signs young singer 'Lali Compton' to his Tropical Fruit Records label and she records 14 of his songs for an album, which he also produces......  .


Jim appears as the 'Butterfly Catcher' in the video for Lali's first single 'Butterflies', filmed at Ulster TV in Belfast.  Butterflies is released in July and Judd Lander promotes single to radio . Lali performs and is interviewed on various radio station (backed by Jim on guitar) The Emma Britton show on BBC Radio Somerset, Billy Butler show on BBC Radio Merseyside and Glastonbury FM amongst others. The Sunday People make the single 'Tip For The Top' !. 2 more singles released on iTunes etc.....'Velvet Cushion' and 'Wanna Be Me'. Velvet Cushion video released in September


June 9th Jim Penfold & the Hollywood Killers headline the 100 Club in Oxford St, London. In July they support Wilko Johnson (ex Dr Feelgood) at Party In The Park festival in Galhampton, Somerset.





the story so far......................................

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Goodbye Suicide/Tramp USA Reissue

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