Jim Penfold and the Hollywood Killers

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Hi Jim, It was good to see you again at The Boot. If you are still interested in me playing a bit of mandolin and lap steel or pedal steel, drop me an e-mail.
Jim has recently produced an EP for the Cuban singer Hazel which can be found on cdbaby.com & at www.hazelmusic.uk Two Penfold tracks Butterflies & By Your Side are covered
I was only about in the early days at the Royal Oak and venues in Hastings but also Oxford Chichester London and others.Fantastic enjoyment at all of them.All the best
Ah hah i played sax on Paradise @ Good Earth and my band at the time - Hey Hey Roxy - played one night with you HK chaps at the Fulham Greyhound.... I now play in Hastings and know a bloke called Ashley who used to play with you...small world....www.zacharydogwood.com
Any gigs in the pipeline?
Jim Penfold in the studio....GOOD news!
Please post any pictures of Charlie Tumahai that you may have. I am curious about your music.
Hi there, did anyone find Nick Hopkins, he used to work with me at Pacific Studio before he left for Australia?
Just booked to see you at the Half Moon. Haven't seen you since I guess 1983 at the Golden Lion(?) in Fulham in 1983. Used to come and watch regularly then. I suspect we have both aged a bit! Used to work with Harriet at the Oak. Will she be there? If not remember me to her please. Best R
yes duncan dray my grandkids have been looking on the website, good to see youve still got some of the old {and best} stuff on there. they really were great times,good luck jim
'ere, Ethel me ol' mucker, who's been a busy girl then? Mx neil@latitude28.co.uk
Hi Jim. I am having a long-overdue clear out of old prints and negatives and wonder if you'd like the negs of the black and white shoot for The Speedos from 1981? If you do, let me have a postal address and I'll get them to you. Best wishes. Paul (Not quite sure why I traded as Nick Lorde in those days. Weird!)
Get back on the stage Jimmy!
Jim , found you - send me your email addrress ?
Hi Jim, from down under mate ,used to flat with buzzard/chris ( gone much too young ) early 80s and and have great memories of Killers gigs. just started learning acoustic and really want to sing hanaker row.I can still see you singing it.One of those songs you kind of carry around with you. When anything goes , its Hanaker Row. Any chance of chords and lyrics ? on ya mate!
Hello, I'm just wondering if you still had any copies o f the single "goodbye suicide/she's a tramp"? My boyfriend is the son of Min Medhurst who played on the single and he is desperate to hear it again. Many thanks, Rosie
Hey Jimmy, Sorry we missed your gig. Love your site and films and songs. Keep at it it's really good. x
Really sad to miss you tomorrow night! I know you will be brilliant! X x
Hi JIm, My gosh, great to see you are still going , I think I have a copy of that Rollerball Records release somewhere. I was in a band called "cocaine" at the time and we used to come and watch you at The Dilly Dally Bar in Eastbourne and also at Hastings pier when you supported The Clash I think!!! Brilliant days. I'm still playing too, having been minced thru the machine a few times!!! Keep up the good work, all the best, Paul
Hello Jim, Love your latest video and would like a copy of the remixed Teenage dream, Pipeline Radio is getting 80,000 hits a week. We want to play you on the air again starting this week, I hope your drop us an email. Keep rocking mate and hope to hear from you. Tom
Hi Jimmy, incredible what you find when you search for something in Hollywood!! What a surprise and great site and OMG brought back some memories! I still go back to UK every year as my folks still live by the Oak. Great to read what you have been doing music wise, that's your dream.... your voice still sounds the same ... amazing. I still live happily in Australia with my family. All the best.
I have a 12" e.p. of yours called Dream On which dates back to 1985, any info?
Hi Jimmy, lately I remembered of the summer 1979, when I stayed at my penfriend Alice for a pupils-exchange. Her sister was the girlfriend of a boy in your group, and she took us (17 years old) to your concerts in Hastings at the pier or in the caves, where I met you. It was a very exciting summer-holiday and when I went back to Germany you sent me your new hit-single "Goodbye suicide". I regret, that I lost it, but as the years went by I moved several times and somewhere it was gone. It was quiet exciting to find you in the internet with photographs of this time and I wantet to say hello, even if I don't think that you can remember me. So bye-bye Yours Elke
Hi Jimmy boy, remember me!! I was with right at the beginning.So glad of your successes Get in touch. CB
Hi Jim, love the Lali Compton version of Butterflies and a great video. I liked your cameo as phileas Fogg, but that wasn't too much of a distraction from the lovely Lali. Look forward to her album... ...and the long awaited Hollywood Killers releases.
Hi ya, I just wanted to ask why the Race to Dakar tune is not for download :-( i love it so much xxxx
hello jim when the new cd out ????
Hi Jim Hope you are well. Sally and I often think of you. Glad I have found your website...i can enjoy a nostalgic singalong ! Sally is often in contact with Harriette and she has been to see us last summer. Let's try to get together before we all shuffle off on our zimmers. PS. I gather that Nick Hopkins has emigrated to Australia (Darwin first of all ), then moved to Perth where he had a heart attack and double by pass surgery ! Will be trying to contact him. Will let you all know. Regards Nigel
My old mate Nick Hopkins was the base player when I saw the HK @ Dingwalls 1977/8 Lost touch with him about 1980
Hey Jimmy - Keep creating and Rock the Nation!
I remember watching the HK play at Hastings, i think it was at the Hastings caves!!! great band at the time, especially as my best friend at the time was mark pepper, younger brother of Ashley.
I know you prefer we buy the CD, but that proved difficult from the US, so I defaulted to iTunes. Thanks.
It was another lifetime when you were in one of the first live bands I saw in Eastbourne (I was a student nurse at the time). I can't remember which pub it was, but the ones I recall are 'Diplocks' 'The Painted Wagon' and the 'Viking' nightclub, but I don't think it was any of those. I do remember you were bloody good tho which is why after all these years (30 odd) I google 'Hollywood Killers', still tell my sons what a retrobate I was in those days. I wish I could remember which pub..... good luck.
Hey Jimmy :) Ive given you mum's email as i'm awfull at checking mine + she checks hers every minute (she's fine with this. Hope to see you soon, Luke
Greetings from Texas and Mike Jak Balla & The Well Hung Skeletons. Cheers!
Hey Jim Great to hear you've started recording again - when can we hear the new ones??/? will they go out on iTunes? keep in touch. Cheers, Frank
Remember seeing Jim Penfold and the Hollywood Killers in Sam Hardinghams back garden near Bore Place in Kent, playing for Deb'z birthday (Jims girl at the time) - I was about 14 and it was one awesome night - too cool for skool!
Hey Jimbo, your song Satellites is played on this weeks show on Pipeline Radio www.tommackenzie.podomatic.com Your number one fan is playing more Penfold in coming weeks, keep rocking Jimbo! drop us an email anytime. Tom Mackenzie
Shit, just looked at Mickk's comment and we seam to be using the same vocab..sorry Mick, will try and find some new words for next time.Milly
It's taken me a long time to come down to earth following Jim's gig at The Sailsbury Fest...the new line up was awsome...always amazing how three rockers, a drum kit, a bass and a bit of rythmn guitar can blow me away! Am PRAYING that this might be the begining of a whole LOAD of gigs with Penfold tunes sweeping the nation!! 'Bout time. Just wondering where all the old fans have gone....don't you go out any more???? Big Tanks. Millyxxxx
Awesome!! Such a GREAT gig at the Salisbury Festival opening night... a packed venue and wonderful atmosphere... the Hollywood Killers got everyone rocking!! Mick
Hey jim we all enjoyed last friday. Hope you got your lift back ok. Get in touch soon and lets maybe sort something out.
Hi Jim, Totally looking forward to seeing you and the new band in Sailsbury. Going to see Eric Clapton and Steve Windwood on Tuesday so I get to see two wicked acts in one week..lucky me! Lol, Millyx
Maybe - your new song is just great hope you record it, if anyone comes to West Sussex, I have just opened as a B&B, 'www.veryoldmanorhouse.com'will show you some pics, have a great gig at the Salisbury Festival Jim - Judy x
Raz, gig went really well. I'n sure Jim'll update things here when he's back "on line".
Hi Jim, Nice new web-site. When are you going to play a gig in the Wimbledon area. Kingsmeadow (AFC Wimbledon) would be an ideal venue. All the best, Ian
Hi Jim Just listening to the Radio 6 gig (ta for the link) - great to hear those classics again (Butterfly, Colourful Rain, Hanaker Row etc) and, of course, your voice....took me right back to the Royal Oak, Hastings Pier, Simon Fuller etc etc. Seems a l-o-n-g time ago - any chance of a gig back in the old stamping ground, then? Chris
Have a great night tonight.I know you'll rock thier sox off....wish we were there. Lol Milly and Billyxx
Thanks for email - joining you later at The Exchange!!
hi jim, i almost heard you on the radio the other day! fell asleep before it started tho. will listen on iplayer. im miche's cousin sam's boyfriend. miche told me about your summer barn fest. im sure we'd be up for playing if you need any bands. let me know.
We're listening to you on BBC6 right now! AWESOME!!
That's great news about BBC6 Music! It's going to be a late night for you, eh? xxoo
you look amazing jimmy! And I love your hole in my room song and video, def should keep going and make it happen, you look and sound the part!! big love, sam.xx
Good as ever...
Hey Jim: I was just thinking about Hole in My Room and how timely it was - and was going to say you should try to put it out to the younger audience - it's perfect for them - it's Deby (was Whitley)
It still gives me great pleasure.
Jim Penfold is a real gent! Thanks for your help mate. New album soon I hope!?! Tim
i love your song "race to dakar" (and also the series); where can i buy or download that title? can anyone help me! ps ... great new website! all the best!
Hi Jim, the website looks great! I enjoyed listening through a bunch of your songs this evening. Will definitely do so again in future! All the best.
Hollywood Killers and the AMAZING Jim Penfold...helloooo its me Eleni Alexei's girlfriend i am really lucky cause one day i will meet you and hope so soon .. congratulation !!! Ur new website is really nice..lots of love Eleni xx
YES! The Hollywood Killers in all their might are back in town, unleashing sweet tunes upon the world! CHECK THEM OUT! Seriously, you're missing out if you don't. NICE ONE JIMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Jimmy..we havn't met yet but you look pretty cool. I am Miche's 'adopted sister' and Cassian's godmother and hope to meet you before to long. Great website..and great you are still doing gigs..hope I will get to one one day..Take it easy..
It gives me great pleasure.
Website looks great. Looking forward to seeing you play in Sturminster Newton soon.
Still here - still waiting to come and see the 'Killers play live again! Love 'hole in my room' but please tell me thats not a recent video otherwise you haven't changed since the 80's!! Mouse xx
Hi Jim Great website. Very nostalgic seeing all those sexy photos and hearing the tracks - Very proud to think I WAS THERE back in the 80's being a groupee at the Marquee and 100 club. Still a great fan as are the kids. Keep playing! See you soon, Love Lucyx
Hi Jim. Tried to make contact last year but you were obviously out and about, so here we are again. Glad to see you still gigging, remember the days at the Royal Oak Watlington, jammin' with John Martin, Judy on piano, Harriet singing like the angel she is, it's a while back now but still very much in the memory banks, do you still play that one that goes: ( Lazing round in the summertime, playing tennis and drinking white wine, i'm so happy, i'm so happy i could cry, my my my my myyyyyyyyyyy? ) Give me a call sometime. Love as always Reg. X. rockin987@btinternet.com
Hi Jim, Great site, will hopefully come and see you down in Dorset, being a Devon man now. Always good to hear Butterfly and Teenage Dream, but I really loved that oldie 'Goodbye Suicide', that's a great track I've never heard before. Did you have a song called 'Seventeen'? Best wishes justin
I really LOVE your website ,its SO funky!!!! My fave song is butterflies your photos are great!!! :) From Venetia
Hi, think I saw you guys round about the same time we (The Times with Ed Ball) were gigging (rock garden, 101, Marquee, etc). I'm in dorset now, doing a bit of bass playing for a few local acts. Will try and get to see you at the Exchange in April. John
Hey Jim, like the site. Any really old stuff going on the site? Dx
Hey Jim, Love the new look website. Great to listen to you online. Like Nick Brown says. Would be great to get a copy of the BBC sessions from way back when. 1982? That was the first time I heard you. Was it when you were supporting The Lords of the New Church? Take care and be lucky, Mick
Granny, I love what you're doing with the site and that we can listen to your songs! Love all the photos too. Very nice! Handsome devil!! Will check back often. xx
Hi Jim Saw you at the Rock Garden in 1982! Love your music! Don't stop and please play in London again! Best Ian
Hi Jim, Congratulations for the new website !!! I hope there will be new cd's soon !! All the best, Bruno
Congrats on the new site. Any chance of getting hold of your BBC session from 1982??
hi jim when will there be a new cd or a live dvd and can you do some gigs in nottingham
Dear Jim, Pleased to hear that you are still alive and rocking. What a great song that Hole in my Room is! Hope life is treating you well. We must get together soon. Love R.X
Hi i am cassians friend, big fan of your music. ps: great website
still receiving in Australia
Good to see you are still alive and kicking!
Love it, Granny! LOVE IT!
Looks so funky....great music... :)
Love the new look....great website !!!